1908 Sears Catalog ad: Great style hat within reach of all

. Monday, May 27, 2013

Great style is reflected in this pattern hat, priced within reach of all, $2.48. No. 18K15250 Large, slightly drooping brim, bell crown pattern with rather long back. This exquisite model we consider one of our very best values at the price and can highly recommend  it to our customers. Strictly hand made over a wire frame. The entire hat is faced with a combination of light blue milliners' mull run with rows of satin Juby ribbon to match. Both the upper and under brim and crown are completely covered with this material laid in very heavy folds running toward the center. The very effective trimming consists of a large cluster of deep cream colored roses massed on the left front of the crown together with quantities of important green foliage. Handsome together with quantities of imported green foliage. Handsome combination as described in light blue with cream color roses; may also be ordered in white, champagne or cardinal with roses to match. Price $2.48.

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