1908 Sears Catalog ad: Metal Head Unbreakable Dolls

. Monday, May 27, 2013

Metal head unbreakable dolls are best for wear. New unbreakable dolls, silesia bodies with the fine genuine Minerva metal heads, painted eyes and hair. Body is of the best quality silesia, hair stuffed, with movable knee joints. This doll is absolutely unbreakable and harmless, the most serviceable doll ever produced. We furnish this doll in four different sizes. The larger the doll the better are the proportions. Unbreakable Dolls, Metal Heads, with Wigs. Silesia Body Dolls with fine Minerva metal head with curly hair with glass eyes. These dolls have been recently placed on the market and have at once been a decided success. Every mother is probably familiar with the Minerva metal head and combining this feature with a fine hair stuffed silesia body makes an unbreakable doll and at the same time a very pretty doll. These dolls with the Minerva heads, flowing curls and glass eyes, with silesia body. Note -- we claim for this doll special value which cannot be equaled elsewhere.

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