1908 Sears Catalog ad: Rough Rider Clock

. Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The rough rider clock. $5.38 for this massive handsome mantel clock, complete as illustration shows. Red this description, then compare it with any clock you have seen advertised or exhibited in any store at 40 per cent or than we ask. If our clock does not represent better value, if our clock is not the handsomer ornament to grace any parlor, then, by no means buy it. This clock is one of the latest productions of the Waterbury Clock Company of Waterbury, Connecticut and they guarantee it. we, in turn, warrant it. The reputation of the Waterbury Clock Company is second to none. When you buy a clock of their production you are owning a clock made as finely as skilled labor and high grade material will allow, considering the price. We call this clock our Rough Rider Clock because of the beautiful figure done in bronze of a western cowboy with lariat in hand, gracefully posed on a galloping broncho. Please observe the beautiful lines of this clock, take particular note of the handsome bronze metal side ornament and metal feet. See the metal dial sash and frame done in Arabesque rococo work; the dial is white with Roman numerals 5 3/4 inches in diameter, plain and distinct, easily seen from any part of the room. The clock, including the figure, is 19 1/2 inches high, width at base, 17 1/2 inches, depth 8 inches.  The case is made of fine seasoned wood, guaranteed not to warp, covered by a seret prepared enamel to imitate black marble and Mexican onyx; this preparation is guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip off. A cloth slightly moistened with sweet oil gently rubbed over the clock will keep it as new forever. A mantel clock is as good as the movement that is fitted into it; the movement that is fitted into this clock is as fine as can be made of wrought brass and tempered steel runs eight days with one winding, strikes the hours on a cathedral in the case and again after fitted. $5.38 does not represent one-half the true, value of the clock. We have reduced our very small percentage of profit again; we must unload, we bought an immense quantity and are giving you the advantage of our wonderfully close buying. The clock comes complete, boxed, ready to be set up, with full instruction plainly printed on the back of the clock, how to hang the pendulum, how to wind, how to set and various other important instructions.

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