1913 ad: Fits-U Eyeglasses

. Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You never know you're wearing them. They are comfortable. They hold firmly, without pinching. They are becoming -- very distinctive. You put them on or take them off without touching the lenses. These are the reasons why you shoul wear Fits-U Eyeglasses. This mark identifies Fits-U Eyeglasses and the many other styles of glasses made by the American Optical Company, the oldest optical house in this country. It stands always for the very best workmanship and the very finest quality. If you wear glasses -- or if you ought to -- you will be decidedly interested in our new booklet, "The Glass of Fashion." A line will bring it to you -- free. Address Dept. American Optical Company, Southbridge, Massachusetts. Largest makers of spectacles, eyeglasses and lenses in the world. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London

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