1913 ad: Spirella Bust Confiner

. Monday, May 6, 2013

Spirella Bust Confiner Style 76 (for additional style of this series see "Description" on opposite page.) Adaptability. Styles 76 and 76, Spirella bust confiners, have the same lines, the same adaptability for well developed to full figures with large bust development in proportion to waist size that characterize styles 70 and 71 but differ in this respect: made from embroidered flouncing, the edges of the neck are straight and the garment is bias around the bust. Illustration is oppoiste page shows style 76.  Description. Styles 75 and 76 are made regularly in strong, handsome white embroidery flouncing. Bias seam in center of bac and "V" shaped neck. Trimmed with embroidery around armhole. Style 75, with proper selection, will care for a figure with development from 12 to 16 inches. Length of under arm 6 inches depth of back 7 1/2 inches. Style 76 with proper selection, will care for a figure with development from 14 to 16 inches. Like style 75 in every respect except that it is longer, having 8 inches under arm and other measurements in proportion. Standard sizes 36 to 50 inclusive. Larger or smaller sizes, Special. Not made in other materials except as full Custom garment. In ordering special sizes or materials other than the garments are regularly made in, fill out Special and Custom Order Blank for Spirella bust confiners. Adjustment. Fasten the buttons at the front of the yoke, take deep breath, lift the chest as high as possible, then draw the points of the confiner snugly under the bust, cross the strings in the back and tie in front. The confiner will fit snugly and smoothly at every point. For measurements and selection of sizes see booklet "How to Take Measurements." For materials and prices, see price list.

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