1913 ad: Spirella Ruffles

. Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spirela Ruffles. Spirella Double Box Pleated Net Ruffles. No. 25 -- This ruffle is to be worn fastened inside of top of corset. Very light, cool and ventilative. Serves to fill up space between corset top and small bust, giving gracefull outline. For price see price list. Spirella Embroidery Ruffles. No. 26 -- To be worn fastened to undergarment over corset to conceal its top line. Shaped so as to fill out hollows in front of the arm. Made of four rows of embroidery gathered on plain foundation. Ornamented with two satin bows and small neat edging at top. For price see price list. No. 27 -- Is similar to No. 26 excepting that it has one less row of ruffling, one satin bow in center, embroidery edging at top and is shorter. For price, see price list. Spirella Pennants are made of heavy golden rod felt with the word "Spirella" embroidered in black in the center. The binding and tie strings are black silk on all but the smaller size. The largest size pennant has silk binding all around. Can easily be attached to a cane. For sizes and prices, see wholesale price list.

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