1918 ad: We must conserve food to keep the wolf from our door

. Friday, May 31, 2013

We must conserve food to keep the wolf from our door. Scarcity of food is exacting great death toll and causing more intense suffering in Europe than bullets. This frightful, unprecedented predicament of starving millions of allied families sounds a solemn warning to America. Appalling Conditions Threaten America if We Waste Our Foods. Our supply of food is only so much and now five or six  other countries are depending on us to feed them that they may live and fight. The authorities merely request that you eat one pond less of wheat flour a week... which means one hundred and thirty-three million bushels of wheat more annually for emergency or two thousand million loaves of bread. One once less of meat a day. Which means four million four hundred thousand meat animals each year for excess demand. One ounce less sugar a day which means one million one hundred and eighty-five thousand tons of sugar a year, making it plentiful and cheap. One-third of an ounce less of fats a day which means three hundred and ninety-five thousand tons more fats each year from which to make glycerine, used for manufacturing explosives. Complying with this request from today on wil materially help to win the war and prevent the government from issuing food restriction orders. Do not buy more food than you actually need -- then the dealer wil not have to "stock up" and the wholesaler will have enough to go around. Less eating will save many a pain and doctor bill a little saved today will mean square meals next year. You owe the duty of saving food to your country and humanity. Space for this message cheerfully contributed to the cause of humanity by

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