1928 ad: 1001 Radio Questions and Answers

. Friday, May 31, 2013

1001 Radio Questions and Answers. Don't miss this big issue. Over 150,000 copies already sold! Completely revised up to the minute. 1001 Radio questios and answers, the most sensational seller in the radio field is now in its third new and revised edition. No one interested in radio should be without a copy. The staff of Radio News, the leading fan magazine, has striven to make 1001 Radio Questions and Answers the foremost qork of its kind available. There is a full and complete explanation of every worthwhile circuit that has appeared since the beginning of radio, not only the explanation, but also complete diagrams from which the set can be constructed. Concise, authentic answers to every question that can possibly be asked concerning the many and varied branches of radio reception on both short-wave and broadcast bands. Fans! Don't hesitate! Get your copy today! Over 112 pages -- fully illustrated large magazine size. 50 cents the copy. Ask your newsdealer or write direct. Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc. 230 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.

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