1928 ad: Charge Batteries in 8 Hours

. Thursday, May 16, 2013

You can earn $150 to $300 monthly charging batteries in 8 hours. Start a money-making business of your own. Mechanics, filling stations, repair shops, garages and battery stations are all making big money with HB 8 Hour Battery Service. Recommended by the leading car and battery makers. Constant Potential lets you give a better charge than the other fellow in one-third the time, and at a saving of 30% o 50% on current. Anyone can operate. Check coupon below for information on how to get started in this money-making work. Shouldn't cost you a cent. Pays for itself -- brings a big profit besides. Only $16 monthly. 30 days' trial at our risk. Largest profits. Starting. Lighting. and Ignition work comes in volume -- with the largest profits in Auto repair to the shop equipped with HB Test Bench. Priced at least $100 lower than others of similar quality because we build it -- not assemble. Check coupon for more information. Earns 5 men's wages. Portable paint spray does the work of five brush painters. You get four men's wages as profit. Paints cars, houses, garages, barns, furniture. No experience needed to operate. Check coupon for trial offer and terms.  Only $12 monthly. Free air service costs you only $12 monthly for a few months. Fully automatic day and night service will draw customers to your shop as well as operate your air tools. Check coupon for full details without obligation. Hobart Brothers Successful Manufacturers since 1893. Box S118 Troy, Ohio. Tear off coupon and mail today.

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