1928 ad: Rasco Radio Parts

. Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wholesale Prices. For dealers, community set builders, general repairmen and agents. Be sure to get this great 144-page book with net prices to the radio trade. Radio specialty Company is radio's oldest radio parts mail order house in the country, and the new confidential price on standard radio merchandise are the lowest of any radio house. We are ready now to appoint additional agents in all parts of the country. If you are contemplating making big money in radio merchandise, be sure to get in touch with us at once. Television is here! Radio Specialty, as usual, is first with all new things. Send at once for free booklet for lowest prices on all television parts which have been put on the market so far. (If you have Catalog No. 18, just ask for the Television Supplement.) This 144 Page Radio Catalogue free. Buy from radio's oldest mail order house! We are the oldest, established, exclusive radio mail order house in the country. All orders are positively shipped within 24 hours; quick, prompt, courteous service. We carry a larger variety of radio parts, radio instruments, accessories and radio findings than any other radio house in the country. You will find in Catalog No. 18 the largest assortment of radio merchandise in this country. Radio Specialty carries more radio parts and radio material than any other house in the country. You will find in this catalog positively the largest variety of radio merchandise. If you are in need of certain small radio parts that other radio and mail order houses do not bother to carry get the Rasco Catalog and you will find the small parts there, anything from a screw to copper ribbon, telephone diaphragms, as well as thousands of other small radio findings. Just to mention a few: Lugs, nuts, jacks, plugs, all kinds of knobs, cords, panels, screws, sliders, washers, selenium, tinfoil, switches, crystals, cap nuts, Litz wire, cord tips, brass rods, resistances, binding posts, switch parts, carbon balls, switch points, lock washers, carbon grains, ground clamps, metal pointers, insulated tubing, low melting metal, antenna connectors, as well as thousands of other articles. We carry the largest variety of small radio parts in the world but we also carry all standard radio merchandise. Rasco has it. Anything in Radio. Radio Specialty 98 W Park Place, New York

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