1928 ad: Second Issue of Television magazine

. Monday, May 27, 2013

Second issue just out. Television. In this new issue. Complete instructions for building a television receiver. There can be no question but that Television is here to stay. Like radio, its sudden popularity came practically overnight. It has taken a decided grip on public opinion and bids fair to sweep the entire country in a never-before-witnessed blaze of enthusiasm. So, fans! Dig out the old soldering iron, the bus bar and the rest of your paraphernalia and get to work on the latest hobby. Build yourself a television receiver. Of course, Television is far from perfected. It is still in a most elementary state. There is little use in trying to gloss over the truth. But a start has been made and it remains for the "fans" to do their share, as in radio, in developing the new art. In the latest issue of Television there are full instructions from which you, ambitious enthusiasts, can construct an efficient experimental set. With this set you will be able to receive some of the Television programs now being broadcast. Experimenting will continually improve reception. Get your copy of Television today! Start to work on your Television tonight! Be the first in your neighborhood to have a television set. The old "fan days" are here again. Don't miss the fun. Partial list of contents. How to build a receiver. New Jenkins radio movies. New Berlin photo transmitter. Vacuum cameras to speed up television. Infra-red "eye" sees at night. Valensi television. Connection of photo-electric cell. Practical demonstration scheduled for station WRNY. Campbell Swinton Television system. Quartz crystals synchronize television sets. Recording pictures with air jet. How to build a radio photo recorder and many other articles of equal interest.

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