1928 ad: Television Magazine for the experimenting fan

. Saturday, May 25, 2013

New! Edition Television. A magazine for the experimenting fan. "Television" is a magazine pledged to further the art of the infant industry for which it is named, and to supply the "fans" with the latest information and developments in this fast-growing field. Television, as a science, occupies the same position today as radio did ten years ago. Like the radio fans of years back, enthusiasts of this new field have had to fight for whatever meager knowledge they have been able to obtain. This magazine, then, comes as manna to the information-hungry fan. It is our purpose to keep these enthusiasts constantly informed, through "Television," of each new development. The second issue of "Television" is now on the newsstands. You will find below a partial list of its interesting contents. In the Television field there are all of the thrills that the radio fan knows so well. Get on the band wagon with your fellow enthusiasts. Be the first in your neighborhood to own a television set. Obtain a copy of "Television"; it will show you how to build a real Television receiver. The first Television magazine was published by the experimenter Publishing Company about a year ago. Over 50,000 copies of this magazine "Television," have since been sold. This, alone, is sure proof of the popularity of this interesting new art. Partial list of contents. New Jenkins radio movies. New Belin Photo transmitter. Vacuum cameras to speed up television. Infra-red "eye" sees at night. Valensi Television. Connection of Photo-Electric cell. Practical demonstrations scheduled for station WRNY. Campbell Swinton Television System. Quartz crystals synchronize television sets. Baird Optical Lever Increases speed. Recording pictures and air jet. How to build a radio photo recorder. and many other articles of equal interest. At all newsstands. The 25 cents copy. Or write direct. Experimenter Publishing Co., Inc. 230 Fifth Ave., New York N.Y.

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