1932 ad: Fleischmann's Yeast for health

. Wednesday, May 8, 2013

X-Rays prove fresh yeast actually strengthens "tired" intestines, Dr. Maliwa shows. "It has none of the objections of harsh cathartics"  -- says the head of the noted Sanatorium Esplanade. "In cases of constipation and intestinal sluggishness... I prescribe fresh yeast. I prefer it to all other purifiers of intestines." That is the statement of Dr. Edmund Maliwa, physician-in-chief of the world-famous Sanatorium Esplande, at Baden, near Vienna. Dr. Maliwa is the author of "Peristaltic Action," which describes the ways in which the human intestine works. "Fresh yeast," he explains, "has none of the objectionable features of harsh cathartics and laxative drugs, which weaken the condition of the intestines and aggravate constipation. "Yeast stimulates weak intestinal muscles... helps renew normal action... increases the flow of gastric juices... improves digestion and general vitality." Not a "cure-all," Fleischmann's Yeast is a fresh food with certain amazing properties known to medical men. Eaten daily it softens the waste masses in your intestines. In addition it supplies elements that actually "tone up" your sluggish intestinal tract. Thus, poisons are regularly cleared away. Digestive juices flow normally again. And your whole system shows the healthful effects. Your tongue clears -- you boast greater energy -- you digest your meals more easily. You are less subject to bd breath, skin eruptions, headaches and colds. Why not try it... it place of weakening cathartics, laxatives, pills? Just eat 3 cakes of Fleischmann's Yeast every day, regularly -- before meals, or between meals and at bedtime. And write for a free booklet. Standard Brands Inc., 691 Washington Street, New York City. Important: Fleischmann's Yeast for health comes only in the foil wrapped cake with the yellow label. It is yeast in its fresh and effective form -- the kind famous doctors recommend. At grocers, restaurants, and soda fountains. Rich in health-giving vitamins B, G and D. Eat 3 cakes of Fleischmann's fresh yeast every day, regularly -- just plain or dissolved in a third of a glass of water. Try it today! What the doctors say is right!" "The least little thing would wear me out," writes Miss Diane Craddock, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. "My whole system was sluggish. Some friends had been advised by their doctor to eat Fleischmann's Yeast. I decided to try it, too... Almost immediately my appetite picked up and the tired feeling left. My complexion became nice and clear. Now I enjoy life in a whole-hearted way."

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