1932 ad: Squibb Chocolate Vitavose

. Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eat every bite on your plate or you can't have any dessert! Why threaten, beg, bribe, coax, scold? End this everlasting daily squabble by discovering the cause of poor appetite... Spare yourself a daily battle at the table. You may find the cause of your child's lack of appetite can easily be corrected. The trouble with many children is that they need ore Vitamin B. This is the appetite-stimulating factor. Children who do not get enough are likely to push their plates aside, to dawdle over their meals. They are usually irritable and hard to manage. Many of them lose weight because they do not eat enough. No wonder mothers coax and scold! Don't wait until your child grows weak and under-nourished. Make sure now that he receives plenty of Vitamin B. With his meals every day, or when he comes home from school, give him a glass of Chocolate Vitavose. Chocolate Vitavose is a delicious new food drink. It supplies an abundance of the important factor which stimulates appetite. Children get as much Vitamin B from three heaping teaspoonfuls of Chocolate Vitavose as they do from a whole quart of milk. In addition, Chocolate Vitavose provides them with food iron and other valuable building-up elements. Best of all, children like Chocolate Vitavose. It makes milk taste so good! Instead of begging your child to eat, have him drink Chocolate Vitavose regularly. Begin today. Just see if his appetite doesn't improve. Grown-ups wil also benefit from drinking Chocolate Vitavose. Ask for it at any reliable drug store. It does so much more than flavor milk...! Unlike chocolate preparations which merely flavor milk, Chocolate Vitavose adds to milk important building-up factors. Why not let your child benefit from them? Give him Chocolate Vitavose instead of ordinary chocolate milk drinks. It's so much better for the children. Squibb Chocolate Vitavose. A delicious new food drink. Produced, tested and guaranteed by E.R. Squibb & Songs, manufacturing chemists to the medical profession since 1858.

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