1940s ad: You've Got a Job to do too, young man!

. Thursday, May 30, 2013

You've got a job to do too, young man! Baby: Who, me? How can such a little fellow do anything to help with the war? Soldier: There's plenty you can do. For instance, every month you and other babies in the country are willing to get along without the little rubber pants you usually wear, you're saving enough rubbers to make 45,000 gas masks for us soldiers. And little boy, it looks like we're going to need those gas masks bad! What's this got to do with us? Just this: Whether we've realized it or not, every man and every woman -- here and at home -- can help in the fight we've got to win. Save on everything. Every single time you waste a single ounce or a single pound of anything you may be costing a soldier or sailor boy his life. V Victory Committee.

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