1945 ad: Free 33 Power Telescope Lens Kit

. Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free with this offer. 33 power telescope lens kit. You can now own a genuine high-powered telescope by making it in one evening of easy work. Included free in this special offer are all the optical parts completely furnished for a refracting astronomical telescope over 4 feet long. You can see the mountains and craters on the moon, the ringed planet Saturn, Jupiter, double stars, etc. See airplanes, ships and hundreds of other interesting sights. Makes objects miles away appear close. It's yours free with this special offer of the world's most fascinating book, "Wonders of Science Simplified." 1,000 Pictures and thrilling wonders, mysteries of science. Through this wonderful book you enter the marvelous world of tomorrow. You go on thrilling tours through the wonderland of science. You see strange marvels through the telescope, the microscope, the spectroscope. You go on tours through moving picture studios and television studios. You see aviation opening up new wonders of speed and distance. You watch the photo-electric eye, the marvelous electric eye that will make us Supermen tomorrow. These and hundreds of other exciting experiences await you in these 3 great volumes. These big volumes contain 1,000 pictures and 15 books. These 3 volumes are packed with hundreds and hundreds of fascinating scientific pictures. Astronomy, physics, biology, mechanics, etc. Dynamic diagrams, panoramic illustrations and action-photographs up to 100 square inches in size? No wonder you will be enchanted by the world's most dazzling book. Each of the 3 big volumes is almost a foot high and when opened over a foot wide. Your friends will admire you. The mightiest marvels of mankind thrill you as you read their stories and pictures. Invention, Geography, Zoology, Engineering, etc. And they are so simple and easy to understand. No wonder every person who has read and mastered this exciting wonderbook becomes a "walking encyclopedia" and is looked up to by his friends as a "scientific wizard." Big free offer -- send no money. These 3 lavishly illustrated volumes of "Wonders of Science, Simplified" (bound together) sold in the past for $5.00 but it is offered to you now for only $1.98 plus postage. If you act at once we will include free with your order the 33-power long-distance telescope lens kit. If you are not 100% delighted you may return them for full refund in five days. Act now -- because this offer is limited to the supply obtainable during wartime restrictions. So rush coupon at once. Send for it now. It's yours. This long-distance telescope lens kit contains 2-inch diameter ground and polished lens, and 33-power eyepiece lens made in U.S.A. with full directions for simple mounting. Read how you get it free with this amazing offer. Formerly $5.00. Now only $1.98. Metro Publications, dept. 45-J, 363 Broadway, New York 13, N.Y.

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