1945 ad: Gold Crown Products

. Sunday, May 26, 2013

True love and friendship ring given to make new friends among readers who order the matching bracelet and necklace promptly for 10 days examination. Precious sterling silver ring is extra wide. Richly embossed with Forget-Me-Not design that harmonizes beautifully with the necklace and bracelet. Send coupon today, accept this ring as our gift. Wear True Love and Friendship Bracelet and Necklace. 10 days trial. Sentimental sterling silver hearts are richly embossed and have space for the engraving of initials of loved ones. Ring given with your order for both the necklace and bracelet. Wear on ten days trial. If not satisfied return the necklace and bracelet within 10 days and your money will be refunded. But you are to keep the ring as our get acquainted gift in any event. Empire Diamond Co., Dept. 35-YS. Jefferson, Iowa. Send no money. Send coupon today. When your package arrives you pay the postman only $2.95 each for necklace and bracelet plus mailing cost and 20 cents federal tax. Supplies limited. Given your choice of valuable gifts or cash. Pick out the gift you want from the articles shown or from the big gift circular included with your first order. Send no money now. Do like thousands of others do and get cash or valuable gifts such as billfolds, scissors, games, bracelets, rings, lockets, jewelry, hosiery and other premiums that are easily yours. Simply send the coupon and tell us what gift you would like to earn. The gift you select is given to you promptly and sent postpaid for selling just a few boxes of nationally known "Gold Crown Spot Remover and Cleaner" at 25 cents each and returning the money collected as explained in our free catalog sent with your first order. Here's your lucky chance to receive a valuable gift. Repeat orders bring cash or more gifts. Birthtone ring. New dainty ring set with birthstone correct for your month date. Given for selling only 5 boxes of 1 order. A good luck gift. Men's Necktie given for selling only 5 boxes of 1 order. Leather billfold full sized leather billfold. Given for selling 5 boxes of 1 order. Dresser set comb, brush and mirror in gift box given for selling 1 order as per catalog. Holster set. Cowboy outfit pistol and holster given for selling only  1 order. Sheer rayon hosiery given for selling 5 boxes of 1 order. Doll given for selling 1 order as in catalog. Softball set. 3-piece outfit. Regulation ball, bat and cap. Given for selling 1 order as per catalog. Fountain pen. Also pencil sets. Given for selling 1 order as per catalog. We trust you. Send today. Gold Crown Products, Dept. E-407 Jefferson, Iowa.

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