1945 ad: The inspiring story of Charles Atlas

. Friday, May 10, 2013

How a 97-lb. weakling became the world's most perfectly developed man. The inspiring story of Charles Atlas. Charles you poor boy! You stay so thin and always tired. I know, mom. The fellows are calling me "The weakling!" Run along kid. We need a husky He-Man for this job. I'm going to find some way to get a build like that. So Charles Atlas spent month after month searching for a way to develop his body. And finally he discovered his amazing method...dynamic tension. Later. Boy! Dynamic Tension sure gives me a real build fast. I'm a new man. Mr. Atlas you are the artist's conception of a perfect body. You'd never believe I was once a 97-pound weakling. Charles Atlas wins the title. This contest was for America's "most perfectly developed man" Madison Square Garden, New York. I can make you a new man, too. In only 15 minutes a day. Charles Atlas Dept. 7711, 113 East 23rd St., New York 10 N.Y.

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