1945 ad: Volto from Mars likes Grape Nuts Flakes

. Thursday, May 16, 2013

Volto from Mars. Volto's out of this world magnetic powers conquer a fiery inferno in the timberlands of the great northwest ... save Jimmy and the Junior Rangers from a tragic fate. It sure is good to have you an' the boys up here, Volto. I'm mighty short of help. We're mighty glad to be here warden. Hey! I smell smoke! It's comin' this way! Quick, boys! Let's get on the other side of that stream! But too late! Giant flames leap thousands of fee in the hair... the heat is unbearable... We gotta get out of here! Help! The tree's falling on me! And then, in the nick of time, Volto calls upon his superhuman magnetic powers... Look! When I say "Volto" my left hand repels... Jimmy is saved b the fire wages on. So... And now to put out the fire! Watch! My right hand attracts! You saved up, Volto! And priceless lumber, too, which our country needs! And later -- at the camp. Now for new energy! We Mars men must recharge our magnetism with whole grain cereal once a day. Well, we've got the dandiest whole-grain cereal on earth right here in camp -- Grape-Nuts Flakes. Say! This is great! I think I'll take some to Mars! Well, Volto, we can't be magnetic like you but we can get new energy with swell-tasting Whole Grain Grape-Nuts Flakes!

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