1948 ad: The Improved ERCOUPE

. Friday, May 17, 2013

"Flies in Winds that Ground Other Light Planes," say those who have flown the ERCOUPE. In Salinas Valley, California, where winds average 15 to 40 mph, an operator reports "Ercoupes are flying when my other airplanes are grounded." This is not just an isolated instance. Operators who have tried, find everywhere that the Ercoupe can be flown in all winds short of a gale and can be operted by the average pilot, regardless of wind direction. If you want to be able to fly more days of the year -- in greater safety and more comfort -- fly the improved Ercoupe. Learn how the tricycle landing gear automatically eliminates the difficulties of strong, gusty winds and cross-wind operation. The improved Ercoupe has more power -- carries greater loads. It is spin-proof -- stall-resistant -- and is operated by just two simple controls ... the combination that reduces handling worries in marginal weather flying. (However, even the Ercoupe cannot be flown blind without suitable instruments.) Standard equipment includes 85 h.p. engine -- 2-way radio -- large nosewheel -- cabin air-conditioning -- mixture control -- foot and parking brakes -- navigation and instrument lights -- sun-shade... in short, everything necessary for comfortable cross-country flying. For slight additional cost you can get factory installed blind flying equipment, landing lights and many other extras. The improved Ercoupe gives you flying that no other personal plane can match. Compare and see for yourself. Tomorrow's plane today. The Ercoupe is certified spin-proof by the CAA. The improved Ercoupe. For further information, see your dealer or write to Sanders Aviation Inc., Riverdale, Maryland. World-Wide Distributors for Ercoupe Sales and Service.

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