1948 ad: Learn Radio by Practicing in Spare Time

. Friday, May 3, 2013

You build this radio circuit early in course with soldering equipment and radio parts.  I send: practice mounting, connecting, soldering radio parts. You practice radio servicing with this tester built from parts I send. Also use it to help earn extra money fixing neighbors' radios. You practice FM servicing on this frequency modulation (FM) signal generator, guilt with parts I supply: learn by repairing circuit defects.  You build this vacuum tube power pack, make changes which give you experience, learn how to locate and correct power pack troubles. You build this A.M. signal generator which provides amplitude-modulated signals for many tests and experiments, gives you practical experience. You practice signal tracing on this complete superhererodyne circuit you build with parts I send you, use it to conduct many tests and experiments. You get practical experience with this superheterodyne receiver. You build this complete, powerful radio receiver that brings in local and distant stations. N.R.I. gives you all the radio parts...speaker, tubes, chassis, transformer, sockets, loop antenna, etc. Learn radio by practicing in spare time with big kits of parts I send you. I will train you at home. My course includes frequency modulation, television, electronics. Do you want a good-pay job in the fast-growing radio industry -- or your own radio shop? Mail the coupon for a sample lesson and my 64-page book, "How to Be a Success in Radio-Television, Electronics" both free. See how I will train you at home -- how to get practical radio experience building, testing radio circuits with big kits of parts I send! Many beginners soon make extra money in spare time while learning. The day you enroll I start sending Extra money manuals that show how to make extra money fixing neighbors' radios in spare time while still learning! It's probably easier to get started now than ever before, because the radio repair business is booming. Trained radio technicians also find profitable opportunities in police, aviation, marine radio broadcasting. Radio manufacturing, public address works. Think of even greater opportunities as public demand for television FM and Electronic devices continues to grow. Send for free books now! Find out what NRI can do for you. Mail coupon for sample lesson and my free 64-page book. Read the details about the course, letters from men I trained; see how quickly, easily you can get started. No obligation! Just mail coupon now. J.E. Smith, President, Dept 8107 National Radio Institute, Pioneer Home Study Radio School, Washington 9, D.C. I trained these men. Has own radio service. "I have my own radio and television sales and servicing business. I got enough repair obs to keep me going right along." -- Alexander Kish 34 Pershing Avenue, Carteret New Jersey. Good Spare Time Business. "I have been getting receivers to repair right along with NRI methods I don't to spend much time on them. " -- S.N.  Strickland 791 Dale Homes, Portsmouth, Virginia. Veterans You get this training in your own home under G.I. Bill. Mail Coupon.

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