1952 ad: Aldis "Seven Fifty"

. Monday, May 27, 2013

Aldis Seven Fifty now direct from 200/250v. mains. This revolutionary advance has been made possible by improvements in materials and manufacturing methods. The introduction of the new high voltage biplane lamp renders the transformer obsolete and enables the weight of the complete outfit to be reduced by 70% from 26 lbs. to 8 lbs. Furthermore, the elimination of the transformer reduces the price of the outfit by nearly one quarter. Now you can enjoy the advantages of the extra illumination with greated increased compactness and portability -- at a lower cost than ever before possible. Aldis -- ever in the forefront of progress 00 have made a real contribution to projector development. Aldis 750 projector complete with 4" lens and 2"x2" slide carrier. 750 w. lamp (all voltages) 42/6. Sole wholesele distributors Neville Brown & Co. LTD.

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