1959 ad: Trail Skeeter

. Sunday, May 19, 2013

Here's new adventure for everyone! Trail Skeeter. Discover the fun and adventure of traveling over mountain trails and roods this new way. Ride with ease and comfort for back to where the hunting and fishing is great. Travel to mountain and desert areas away from the busy highways. Take pictures, go on picnics, ride out along the beach, explore new places. Travel where you wish in the great outdoors ... Trail Skeeter will take you there and bring you back. Accessories. (A) Head Light - Delta 6-volt headlight unit mounts firmly on front fork. General Electric sealed beam lamp, 4.7 volts, .5 amp. Available in white only. (B) Grab Bag -- Constructed of truck leather type 45-oz Naugahyde. Straps to the fork. Designed to carry tools and extra gear such as lunch, cameras, etc. (C) Front Carrier - Fork mounted. 26 gauge cold rolled sheet steel box container. Height 12", width 7 1/2", dept 7". Carry tools and one gallon can of extra gas. (D) Pack Rack - Rear mounting, provides tie down for camping gear. Mounts firmly, easily attached and detached. Made of tubular steel. (E) Snub Downs -- Rubber straps with "S" hooks on each end. Designed to tie down camping gear to the pack rack. (F) Tire Chains - Mount on rear tire for added traction in mud and snow. Car tire chain design of durable steel alloy.  Fully adjustable. Mounts in minutes. (Items not shown.) Plow Blade -- Designed for a multiple of uses such as pushing snow off sidewalks and drive. Heavy gauge steel. Adjustable angle and blade. Mounts in minutes, no bolts or screws needed. Buddy seat and pedals -- Mounts on the rear of the machine. Carry the second rider in comfort. Features. Automatic Transmission. The completely automatic transmission does all the work for you. No need to look away from your riding to shift gears. Hand controls. All controls are located on handle bar for ease and safety in operation. Both front and rear brakes deliver breaking power when you need it. The front brake is an internal expanding type. The rear brake is a friction type. With finger touch control you bring your machine to a quick stop even on a steep hill. High tensile steel frame. Travel the roughest trails, over rocks and logs, without fear of damaging the frame. Compact and lightweight design. The compact and lightweight features allow the rider freedom and ease of handling even in the most rugged terrain. Fits in the trunk of an automobile for transporting to and from the riding areas. Women and youngsters have no trouble riding the Trail Skeeter. Sponge Rubber Seat. Sponge rubber covered with long wearing weatherproof Naugahyde is soft enough to absorb the bumps, firm enough to be comfortable after hours of riding over rough terrain. One piece rear cover. The handsome single piece rear cover removes quickly for ease in maintenance work. Swivel Pedals. The foot rest pedals swing up and out of the way of obstructions. Spring loaded stand. With a flick of the rider's toe the kick stand will swing up out of the way. Will not ar loose.

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