1967 ad: How to sell iceboxes to Eskimos

. Monday, May 20, 2013

How to sell iceboxes to Eskimos. You put yourself in the place of an Eskimo. You made a living by catching a delicious fish called Arctic char. Somehow you've got to get your catch to civilization so you can sell it. It's too far by dog sled. The usual in-transit refrigeration is too expensive. A company called Canadian International Paper (one of the International Paper companies) comes along with a solution to your problem. And you are assured of making a living for you and your family. The solution: a paper refrigerator. A paper box engineered to provide low heat transmission for ice packing. A paper box that can keep your fish fresh through an 8-day, 2,100 mile trip of snow, salt spray, rain and even 90 degree of sun. The box worked so well for the Eskimo that it was approved as a food carrier by governmental authorities. We make a business of devising exotic boxes for special problems (another is a box used to ship fertilized chicken eggs, it keep the eggs warm until they're put into incubators). And solving problems in paper and packaging is what gives International Paper the lead over anybody else in the business. Next time a paper or packaging problem stops you cold, bring it to International Paper. We'll put the het on it. International Paper. If you need anything new from the paper industry, you can probably get it from us.

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