1967 ad: Mobil -- the Detergent Oil

. Monday, May 6, 2013

Maybe this is where we should sell our new motor oil. We have a new detergent oil that cleans your car's engine a lot like a good laundry detergent cleans your clothes. It circulates around inside your engine and keeps dirt moving. It doesn't let deposits settle down. (Where they can gum up the works. And cost you big repair bills.) And because dirt is kept moving it all goes down the drain when you change your oil. And that isn't everything our new detergent oil does. It also prevents harmful engine "varnish." (Which can form inside your engine and clog up valves and other moving parts.) It keeps oil screens clean longer so your oil pump can pump oil better. It doesn't thin out as fast from stop and go driving. In fact, our new detergent oil is so good, it exceeds the warranty requirements of every U.S. car maker. Our new oil's full name is Moboil Super 10W-40. The 10W means you get the easy starts and fast warm-ups of a thin number 10 winter oil. The '40 means you get the engine protection and lower consumption of a heavy number 40 summer oil. All of which means you get all the advantages of both, all year around, with just one oil. Think about it. Maybe it's time to change your oil. Mobil The Detergent Oil.

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