1967 ad: Move Up to Chrysler '68

. Sunday, May 12, 2013

Make your move. Chrysler Motor Corporation. The next time you admire a Chrysler, make it your own.Make it a 300. The sports-bred Chrysler that demands attention. And gets it. New concealed headlights. 440 cubic inch V-8. Automatic transmission. Contoured bucket seats. All standard. Pus options like AM radio with stereo tape. Or AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Radio. Chrysler caters to you. Quietly. Always with taste. Vinyls. ackquard weave fabrics. Optional leather upholstery. Yet the 4 Newports are priced just a few dollars a month more than the most popular smaller cars, comparably equipped. And every Newport is full-size. We build no small Chryslers. Newport to New Yorker. The '68 Chryslers are here. Make your move. Then sit back and watch your friends watch. Move up to Chrysler '68. 

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