1967 ad: Organize your hoe or office with double file

. Saturday, May 18, 2013

Organize your home or office with double file. Only $7.95 plus 70 cents pp and handling. Every home needs at least one handy, attractive file... every office can use more -- near a desk for handy reference, as extra storage files At this low price you can afford several. 13" wide x 22" high, 18" deep. Decorator styled in charcoal grey with drawer fronts in tangerine and blue. Made of steel reinforced super strength fiberboard that will support 500 pounds. Easy to set up -- can be taken down and folded away for storage. Extra files are great for tax records, personal documents, etc #699 $7.95 plus 70 cents pp and handling. 2 (#B699) for $14.95 plus $1 pp and handling. Alexander Sales Corp. Dept. Ho-1267, 125 Marbledale Rd., Tuckahoe, New York 10707

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