1967 ad: Standard Dial Phones

. Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why spend a lot for an extra phone? Standard dial phones -- only $9.95. Comes with 4-prong plug ready to plug in and use. Saves extra steps and costly rental charges. These reliable phones are hard to beat -- sturdy reconditioned Western Electric and Stromberg Carlson dial phones at about one quarter normal retail cost. Rewired, refinished and equipped with standard plug ready to use in home or office, they are a solid value, make it possible to have a phone in every room (cost less to own forever than what you'd pay to rent for 3 months). Two make a fine intercom. A buy! Standard color Dial phones only $13.95 -- specify choice of white, ivory, beige, green, red or blue. These are a bargain. Madison House, Dept. HO-12, 488 Madison Avenue, New York 10022.

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