1967 ad: Watch out. You're getting Dodge fever.

. Friday, May 10, 2013

Drive safely. It's also contagious. Dodge Chrysler Motors Corporation. A brand new kind of excitement and a great place to enjoy it. Even great to be near. '68 Dodge Coronet ... your kind of beauty at your kind of price. Watch out. You're getting Dodge Fever. And you said, "It can't happen to me." Don't feel alone. You're with friends. Lots of them. That's how it is when you find a car like Dodge Coronet 500. It's more than just a new car...it's a new car with more. Like more good looks. More extras. More safety items. More than you can resist. Strong V8 power. Deep-pile carpeting. Padded instrument panel. In front -- foam-padded, vinyl-trimmed bucket seats. Standard. (Optional on convertible and wagon models.) Or pick the optional fold-down center armrest-seat that makes room for three. (Three isn't a crowd in this one.) Want to know more? Coronet comes in a full line of body styles -- wagons, hardtops, convertibles, sedan and new coupe. With a choice of 16 colors. And the power range goes from a 225-cubic-inch Six to a 440-cubic-inch Magnum V8. All at a price that won't strain your budget a bit. Now aren't you glad you've got Dodge Fever? Coronet makes it easy to cure. Just go see your nearby Dodge Dealer. Today.

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