1971 ad: Alcoa is something else again

. Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today, aluminum is something else. It's not clumsy. Aluminum skis are light and flexible. Won't splinter or break if you take a spill. So head for the slopes. It's not stubborn. Alcoa rolling doors are light and lovely. Resist corrosion. Simply an open and shut case. It's not messy. Alcoa caps infant formula bottles with a neat new closure. Just break the seal. Lift off the sanitary lid. Let the baby go to it. It's not tame. Once, aluminum cookware was dull stuff. But now. Wow. Alcoa aluminum takes on spirited colors and prints. And kitchenwares become king of the jungle. It's not extravagant. This is low-cost class. Meals made with Alcoa wrap. Plus imagination. Compliments go to the groovy cook. And Alcoa is something else again. Alcoa.

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