1971 ad: The Electric Timex

. Friday, May 17, 2013

There are only six $25 electric watches made in the free world. Timex makes them all. You've probably been waiting to buy an electric watch for years. But the price stopped you. Now it won't. Because now you can have an Electric Timex at a beautiful price. Just $25. (And you can have just about any of the same styles with an automatic calendar for just $30.) And you'll have all the benefits the name implies: Electric accuracy. The convenience of a watch that never needs winding. (A tiny replaceable energy cell powers the Electric Timex with steady electric accuracy for a whole year.) A rugged watch that's water resistant and dust resistant. And a wide choice of styles. You've been waiting for an affordable price? Now you have it. The electric Timex. It never needs winding.

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