1971 ad: JCPenney Stereo Systems

. Thursday, May 23, 2013

We had to put automatic cassette shut-off and air-suspension speakers in our 299.95 stereo system. Why should you buy a 299.95 stereo system from JCPenney? After all, while you know a lot about us, you've probably heard very little about our component systems. But because you haven't heard very much about our stereos, we had to make ourselves sound better than all those other systems you have heard about. We had to put things like air-suspension speakers and automatic shutoff systems into our model 1981. And 10 different tuning controls. A cassette storage bin. Front mounted volume level meters. A genuine walnut veneer finish. A record cueing lever and pause control. A headphone jack. And a dustcover. So you wind up getting more. Which is one good reason to buy our stereo system. For instance, take the AM/FM/FM stereo radio. Field effect transistors keep stronger stations from horning in on weaker ones. The AFC switch locks in on a station's signal; so it doesn't drift. Net result: a better sounding radio. The air-suspension speakers give you a fuller, cleaner, better bass sound. And the BSR 4-pole induction motor turntable gives you less vibration and rumble. And the 4-track cassette tape recorder comes with such better features as a digital tape-length counter, a recording pause control and recording level meter for each stereo channel. Yes, we made this system sound better. We had to. Just like we had to make every one of our 12 stereo systems a better value. That's more stereo systems, by the way, than you're likely to fine anywhere else. JCPenney Stereo Systems. When Nobody's Ever Heard of You, You'd Better Sound Better.

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