1971 ad: The Ninety-Eight is big. Big engine. Big space. Big comfort.

. Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Oldsmobile Ninety-Eigth is more than just plush elegance and big back seat. As the years go by, you look for something more substantial in the car you drive. Size and luxury alone become meaningless. So we offer an immensely comfortable car tht is more than big, more than plush. The 1972 Ninety-Eight runs on innovation. It's enhanced by 75 years of Oldsmobile history. It's what you've always wanted in a car, all in one car. Room to stretch. The Ninety-Eight is big. Big engine. Big space. Big comfort. You can carry people, packages, presidents or pets and still have room to stretch. In comfort. And the trunk is big enough for more than an overnight trip. The seats are soft, the feel is luxury, the windows are easy to raise, to lower, to look out of. There's plush on the ceiling and plush on the floor, and you only know how rough a road is by looking. But this car is much more. A soft-spoken engine. Zero to cruising speed is a smooth, effortless movement. Its 455-cubic-inch Rocket V-8 is always ready when the power you need when you need it. Nevertheless it runs efficiently and with lower exhaust pollutants on no-lead, low-lead or regular gasolines. The Ninety-Eight and scrutiny. All the GM safety features have been built into this car. Side guard beams in the doors, a cargo-guard that separates trunk and passengers, a double-steel roof overhead. Hopefully all that occupant protection won't ever have to be called upon. But it's there. The Ninety-Eight ride is special too. Because of Supershocks, computer-selected springs and other interrelated components, it handles bumps stiff winds, rough roads, and highway maneuvers with superb ease. Passing, turning, stopping, starting, cruising are done with little effort, excellent road stability and comfort. Behold... our bumper. The new front bumper of the Ninety-Eight absorbs minor impacts, but in a new way. Because of its new spring-steel mounting, it flexes... gives a little... then comes right back for more. To make it even stronger, the bumper is made of heavier gauge plated steel. And a protective vinyl insert is available to guard the bumper from nicks, dings and scratches. Easier driving: standard. What you may have to pay extra for on many cars is standard on the Ninety-Eight. A Turbo Hydra-matic transmission charges gears, power front disc brakes, stop you, power steering steers, power ventilation continuously circulates the air; the Ninety-Eight helps do many things for you. What you want in a car, all in one car. Driving should be a secure and dependable means of moving from one place to another, in all the comfort and luxury you could ask for. A car can be luxurious or a gem of engineering and performance or a big back seat. Or simply beautiful. The 1972 Ninety-Eight is all of these. Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. Quite a substantial car.

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