1971 ad: Ski-doo '72

. Thursday, May 9, 2013

On top. That's where you are with Ski-Doo '72. It's a fact. We put you on top of the snow, not in it. Fact is, our balanced weight distribution even takes the driver's position into account for more responsive handling. Fact is, our balanced suspension gives you weight where you need it for carving tighter turns and for sure-thrust traction. Fact is, we've given you the optimum balance between power and weight that keeps you on top. And we keep on top too. On top with over 24 models in 7 great series the widest choice of snowmobiles anywhere. No two are alike. But one's just right for you. First there's the compact, lightweight Elan. It gives full-size excitement for only $595.00. Then there's the lively, dependable Olympiqe the perfect machine for the whole family. There's the luxury laden Nordic, the trail machine with power for two. And the muscle machines, track and trail busting TNT. These are just some of the series that have made Ski-Doo the world leader in snowmobiling. And Ski-Doo '72 is what snowmobiling is all about. When you look at all the fact Ski Doo '72.

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