1971 ad The Wellington Counterfeit

. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Elegant gift idea...virtually indistinguishable from a fine diamond. The Wellington Counterfeit. It actually defies detection.. few would dare to question it. You'll swear it's a fabulous diamond. (Yet it's priced from only $40 a carat, depending on size and style.) Put it next to a diamond and it will shock you! Because the incredible Wellington Counterfeit Diamond has every bit of the fire and almost the identical brilliance of a genuine diamond. (A mere .008 difference in the refractive index, which is hardly detectable by the naked eye!) The other simulated diamonds listed on the chart at the right turn out to be less fiery, less brilliant, and duller by comparison. And if anyone tries to persuade you to buy one of these less fiery, less brilliant simulated diamonds simply because of its hardness feature, just remember that you can buy an old fashioned white sapphire simulated diamond for only $8 a carat. And it's even harder by far than simulation made of what the trade calls "Yag," which sell for up to $60 a carat under scores of different brand names in stores all over the country. Yet none of these simulated diamonds have anywhere near the fire, nor the brilliants nor the pizzaz of the incredible Wellington. Because the Wellington is entirely different -- it actually defies detection. So much so that it is now being worn by women from Palm Beach to London, and its advertising appears in over 170 countries throughout the world. Skilled lapidists cut and polish with Wellington on a diamond wheet in full 58 facets. Master jewelers then enhance the beauty with exquisitely fashioned settings of 14K or 18K gold. The result is so utterly, incredibly realistic that even some jewelers have been fooled by it. Of course the most convincing proof is right in one of our 22 stores located across the country. But if no store is convenient to you, our no-risk approval plan allows you to personally examine the fiery brilliance of the Wellington without obligation. Send for our free brochure. It illustrates our excitingly styled men's and ladies' rings, earrings, pendants, pins, etc. One to 50 carat solitaires in round, pear, marquiese or emerald cuts. We are so convinced that only by your personal examination can the Wellington's beauty be fully appreciated that we make you this no-risk offer: If you are not completely satisfied, return it within 10 days in its original condition and we will promptly refund your money. Including postage. Further proof...an independent survey discloses that: 85% chose the Wellington as looking more like a diamond! When some of the most sophisticated women in America were shown a simulated diamond made of 100% Yag (sold under many different brand names by many dept. stores etc.) side by side with the incredible Wellington, an overwhelming 85% of these women chose the Wellington as looking more like a diamond. Visit an exciting Wellington Store or mail coupon today for free brochure. Wellington Jewels 1150 Connecticut Avenue. Washington DC 20036

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