1975 ad: Building your own computer won't be a piece of cake

. Saturday, May 4, 2013

MITS. Building your own computer won't be a piece of cake (but we'll make it a rewarding experience.) Chances are you won't be able to assemble the Altair 8800 Computer in an hour or two. But that's only because the Altair is a real, full-blown computer. It's not a demonstration kit. The Altair Computer is fast, powerful, and flexible. Its basic instruction cycle time is 2 microseconds. It can directly address 256 input and 256 output devices and up to 65,000 words of memory. Thanks to buss orientation and wide selection of interface cards the Altair 8800 requires almost no design changes to connect with most external devices. Up to 15 additional cards can be added inside the main case. The Altair Computer kit is about as difficult to assemble as a desktop calculator. If you can handle a soldering iron and follow simple instructions, you can build a computer. You see, at MITS we want your experience with our kits to be rewarding. That's why we take such pains to write an accurate straight-forward assembly manual. One that you follow step-by-step. (We leave nothing to the imagination.) Some electronic kit companies are experts at cutting the corners. They promise you the sky and deliver a box full of surplus parts and a few pages of faded instructions run off on their copying machine. We're experts at not cutting the corners. Our Altair Computer has been designed for both the hobby and the industrial market. It has to be constructed of the finest, quality parts. And it is. That's why we give you double-sided boards, gold-plated connectors, a 10 Amp power supply (enough to power 15 additional cards), toggle switches and an all aluminum case complete with sub-panel and detachable dress panel. That's why we give you three manuals (Assembly, Operator's and Trouble-Shooting) in a hard-cover, 3 ring binder plus an Assembly Hints manual. Buy our computer and we'll automatically make you a member of the Altair User's Group. You'll have access to a whole range of custom software designed exclusively for the Altair 8800. We're quite serious about making computer power available to you at a price you can afford. Basic Altair and Options. The basic Altair 8800 Computer includes the CPU, front panel control board, front panel lights and switches, power supply and expander board (with room for 3 extra cards) all enclosed in a handsome, aluminum case. Options now available include 4K dynamic memory cards, 1K static memory cards, parallel I/O cards, three serial I/O cards (TTL, RS232 and TTY), octal to binary computer terminal, 32 character alpha-numeric display terminal, ASCII keyboard, audio tape interface, floppy disc system and expander cards. Prices: Altair Computer Kit with complete assembly instructions $439.00. Assembled Altair Computer $621.00. 1,000 word static memory cards $176.00 kit and $209.00 assembled. 4,000 word dynamic memory card $264.00 kit and $338.00 assembled. Note: Altair computers come with complete documentation and operating instructions. Altair customers receive software and general computer information through free membership to the Altair User's Club. Software now available includes a resident assembler, system monitor, text editor, and Basic compiler. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Warranty: 90 days on parts for kits and 90 days on parts and labor for assembled units. MITS/6328 Linn N.E., Albuquerque New Mexico 87108, 505/265-7553

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