1975 ad: M6800 Shortens Design Cycles & Simplifies Microcomputer Systems

. Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's the total product family. M6800 shortens design cycles and simplifies microcomputer systems. Motorola's MC6800 8bit microprocessor and the directly related complement of fully compatible Silicon Gate NMOS LSI devices are the first microcomputer systems family designed from whole cloth with the total system approach. Thanks to inherent concepts like the M6800 universal bus approach and I/O that looks like memory, design cycles are in the one ot six month range depending on system complexity. Finished systems are simpler. The M6800 family now becomes the standard against which all others must be measured; the benchmark family for microcomputer systems. Here's a sampling of family highlights. All basic M6800 family devices operate from a single +5V supply. Easy on costs, easy on the system. Single bus architecture encourages ease of system expansion. World-oriented family RAMs and ROMs are specifically designed for microprocessors, yet other popular memories fit in easily and Motorola also offer a line of compatible memory interface devices. The family features a set of programmable logic peripherals for I/O task management, a true set of building blocks designed for optimum parts count regardless of system application. Typical of this approach is the MC6820, a unique Peripheral Interface Adapter which greatly simplifies I/O interface. The M6800 family provides a great look in data communications Interface Adapters, MODEMs, and an MC6800 MPU instruction set designed for efficient execution of data communications. All this and more. The M6800 total product approach goes beyond the devices to provide complete support as well. M6800 support software presently is available on G.E. Time-sharing and several alternative offerings are currently nearing availability. Support hardware requirements are fulfilled with the M6800 Evaluation Module ad the M6800 EXORciser systems development tool. Documentation is comprehensive, with manuals and handbooks to cover every angle. Educational programs, produced both in Phoenix and selected locations around the U.S. throughout the year, provide all the individual assistance anyone needs to start designing with the M6800 family for microcomputer systems. Designers the world over all discovering that microprocessor programmable logic, applied in microcomputer systems, is the solution to a myriad of vexing problems. Discover, with them, the exciting advantages of Motorola's M6800 total systems approach. Write to Motorola Semiconductor Products Inc., P.O. Box 20912, Phoenix, Arizona 85036, or circle the reader service number for a special packet of M6800 family information. When you're ready to start design-in, call your Motorola Sales Office for prompt, professional guidance. Motorola M6800 Benchmark family for microcomputer systems.

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