1975 ad: MOS 6602 Microprocessor Beats 'Em All

. Thursday, May 2, 2013

MOS 6501 Microprocessor beats 'em all. The first of a low cost high performance microprocessor family. The MCS6501. Price! Lowest cost starter set. Lowest cost software. Lowest cost documentation. Lowest cost processor. Lowest cost I/O (M6800 Compatible) Performance! More useful addressing capability: Two real index registers, Two powerful indirects. Highest performance (A-H systems benchmarks), Second source appointed, Ready (RDY) for slow memory or DMA. Ease of use! Easiest documentation to use, simple, easy-to-follow instructions (similar to PDP-11) Easiest to use design-in system. Compatibility! Only software compatible microprocessor family. Plug compatible with M6800. And this is only the beginning -- don't miss MOS at Wescon75. Whether it's details, further documentations or actual parts, MOS Technology will be making it all readily available -- be sure to see us! Prove it for yourself for $20 you can try it. See us at Wescon75 Booth 1010 (If you can't make a copy of our documentation, $10.00 more gets you your very own set!) Headquarters -- MOS Technology Inc 950 Rittenhouse Rd., Norristown Pennsylvania 19401 (215) 666-7950. Eastern Region - Mr. William Whitehead, MOS Technology , Inc. 410 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 312, Jericho New York, 11753 (516) 822-4240. Western Region MOS Technology Inc. 2172 DuPont Dr., Suite 221 Patio Bldg. Newport Beach, California, 92660 (714) 833-1600.

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