1982 ad: The Cost of Whole Life is Going Down 20%

. Friday, May 3, 2013

"The cost of whole life is going down 20%? Your kidding." With the prices of almost everything else going up, no wonder you're surprised. But if you want to pay less for whole life insurance, just ask me -- your New York Life Agent. You see, at New York Life, we've slashed the basic premium cost of our whole life insurance by up to 20% on policies of $50,000 or more. And that's just for starters. If you don't smoke cigarettes, we'll give you an even bigger break. We'll reduce your premiums as much as 5% or more. Now, remember, this is whole life insurance that I'm talking about. Insurance that gives you permanent lifetime protection. Level premiums. And cash values that grow year by year. So, before you buy any life insurance of any kind, why not get all the facts? Ask someone who can help you protect your family and your future... at the best cost ever. Ask me. Your New York Life Agent. "Ask Me."

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