1982 ad: Nothing else is a Volkswagen.

. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How the Rabbit works: The fuel injection. Nothing else is a Volkswagen. Fuel Injected Rabbit. $5990 suggested retail starting price, P.O.E. Transp. local taxes and dealer charges additional. 4-door option $835 more. Alloy wheels $350 additional. Generally speaking, fuel injection is a privilege for the rich. It is the fuel system choice for most high performance luxury sedans. And all exotic sports cars. Fortunately, it is also a privilege for the practical. It is standard equipment on the Volkswagen Rabbit. The precise fuel metering of CIS fuel injection has been responsible for much of the amazing Rabbit's amazingness. Like starting up easily in sub-zero weather. Developing hesitation free power when you need it. And it's uncanny ability to use lower priced, lower octane fuels with no loss in performance. The Rabbit shares many other pleasures found exclusively on premium cars. It has four-wheel independent suspension for smoother rides. Rack-and-pinion steering and nimble turning. And comfortable self-adjusting bucket seats. But the Rabbit delivers features you just don't find in the better cars. It has front-wheel drive for surer road handling. Volumes of useful cargo space with the rear seat folded down. And, a unique Formula-E System Upshift Light for more sensible driving habits. And yes there is yet another feature a Rabbit has that its lavish counterparts will never have. A reasonable price.

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