1984 ad: Walk away from tired, aching feet

. Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walk away from tired, aching feet. At last you can walk away from tired, aching feet. Even after years of discomfort Maseur Sandles and Innersoles massage away pain in just seconds. No wonder your feet get tired. When you walk or run your feet absorb tons of pressure and shock. Your feet are constantly balancing, carrying, standing, circulating, heating or cooling you. No wonder they get tired and sore. And when your feet hurt -- you don't feel good about anything. Here is How Maseur Footwear Helps. With every step you take Maseur Sandals and Innersoles gently massage your feet with hundreds of unique patented nodules. They stimulate the nerve endings giving you a feeling of increased energy while massaging away your aches and pains. Each Maseur product fits the contours of your feet giving you both support and shock absorbing comfort. The neutral heel even helps you maintain proper posture, so important in reducing tension and stress in your feet, legs and lower back. High quality long lasting and comfortable. Maseur Sandals come in two popular styles, each with an adjustable velcro strap that fits any width foot. The cushioned rippled soles are non-skid safe. All Maseur footware is made from long lasting, easy care materials and they're washable so you can keep them looking clean and new. Don't be fooled by other, so-called massage sandals. Only Maseur is the original "Health Footwear" from Australia, Maseur has Quality, and you will see and feel the difference immediately. Selling 4000 pairs every day in Australia. Health Shoes, Inc. Suite 9435, 29169 Heathercliff Road, Malibu, California 90265

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