1861 ad: Best Peruvian and Mexican Guano

. Thursday, June 27, 2013

To farmers, gardeners, & fruit growers. Fertilizers, grass seeds, fruit trees, grape vines, &c., Best Peruvian and Mexican guano. Super-phosphate of lime, ground bone, ground plaster, muriate of lime, poudrette, pulverized charcoal, &c. Grape vines -- hardy choice native varieties, including Rebecca, Delaware, Union Village, Brinckle, Clara, Raabe, Amelia, Diana, Hartford Prolific, Concord, Curtis, Carter, Clinton, Isabella, &c. Blackberries -- Lawton and Dorchester Seedlings, Raspberries -- Brinckle's Orange, Knevet's Giant and Franconia. Currants -- Versailles, La Caucase, Fertile D'Angers, Bertin's Seedling, Cherry, Victoria White Grape, Red and White Dutch and Black Naples. Strawberries -- Brighton Pine, Jenny Lind, Early Virginia, Hovey's Seedling, Peabody's New Seedling, Haulbois, &c., &c. Rhubarb -- Myatt's Linneus and Victoria. Pear Trees -- Standard and Dwarfs. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, &c. George Davenport, 18 South Market and Chatham Street, Opposite Chatham Rev, Boston.

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