1861 ad: J.M. Read's Kitchener Range and Stove

. Tuesday, June 25, 2013

J.M. Read's Kitchener Range and Stove. The Kitchener combines improvements that make it the very best cooking-range in use, both as regards cooking and economy in fuel. It is also designed to heat water for the bath-room and for warming extra rooms. Also read's portable ranges and new era stoves and various other patterns of cooking and parlor stoves, &c manufactured and sold wholesale and retail. No. 38 Union Street Boston, and No. 9 Border Street, East Boston. Great improvement in gas cooking-stoves. This store is very simple in construction and is arranged expressly to connect with the common gas burner, such as is used to be read by. With this amount of gas, cooking is done in warm weather to a great advantage, both as regards economy and comfort. It is also of very great value in the sick-room. Sold wholesale and retail by the investor.

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