1884 ad: Lily Clay's An Adamless Eden

. Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Sensation! An innovation! All ladies! All Ladies! Grand Inaugural Tour of America! Of the famed European Sensational Attraction. Lilly Clay's Company of Ladies Only. Lilly Clay. Marion Singer. Mertle Houck. Palma Schroder. Beatrice Vaughn. Alice Burnard. Victoria North. Louise Lelle. Elsie Hall. Topsy Robina. Fannie Stockton. Angie Pelham. Lillie Ashford. Clara Wilton. Lizzie Badger. Alice Townsend. Nellie Brooks. Clara Coleman. Gertrude Keith. Lida Morse. Etta Warren. Louise Lester. Katie Harcourt. Ella Grant. Sadie Torrey. Edith Raymond. Laura Lawrence. Nellie Miles. Jeanie Witherell. Aloe Borden. The only real novelty. Garden of Eden. A coterie of charming and cultured English and American Lady Artists. An Adamless Eden. Something new. Cotorie of Lovely Lady Lyric Stars. 15 grand orchestra of ladies. Ladies uniformed military band. Plalanx of American and European lady specialty artists! An Adamless Eden! A phenomenal cast of characters. Regular prices of admission prevail notwithstanding the novelty of the attraction.

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