1908 ad: Burberry's Gabardine Combine

. Friday, June 14, 2013

Burberry's Gabardine Combine. Gabardine outside and Woolen lining. (Both fabrics Burberry-Proofed)) Makes the best angling kit. Rain runs off like dew from a leaf. Hooks will not penetrate beyond the birth. Self-ventilating; never hot, never cold. "We have often spoken in the highest terms of Burberry inventions; the more we try them the better we like them." Fishing Gazette. A Burberry Suit has the following advantages over ordinary garments for anglers: 1. Absolute freedom for all limb movements. 2. Extra durability in wear. 3. Perfect air-porousness and almost negligible weight. 4. An especially smart and sportsmanlike appearance. 5. Practical impermeability to wet, cold winds and fish hookers. Burberry's 30 to 33 Haymarket and Basingstoke, London.

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