1908 Sears Catalog ad: Challenge Water Elevator and Purifying Pump

. Sunday, June 9, 2013

Challenge Water Elevator and Purifying Pump. $6.53. Our Challenge Water Elevator is exactly the same in construction as our No. 42K5442 as explained on previous page. It operates with a chain composed of galvanized wire links to which are attached galvanized cups, the only difference being that this pump has a galvanized steel curb instead of wood. This makes a much better pump in every way. It will last longer, will not rust or decay. All castings and fittings are extra heavy. This pump is not adapted for wells over 40 feet deep and we do not advise its use in wells over 30 feet deep. If well is beyond the depth of 30 feet we suggest you order one of our iron pumps, as described on pages 614 and 615 of this catalogue. In ordering, order the equipment which will reach to within 2 feet of the bottom of the well. The pump comes complete with curb, chains, buckets and lower bearings ready to place in wells of various depths as indicated in the price list below. Average weight 75 pounds.

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