1908 Sears Catalog ad: A Clever Style in a Misses' Hat

. Monday, June 3, 2013

A clever style in a misses' hat, beautifully executed in good materials. $1.88. No. 18K15500 Beautiful large crown mushroom effect particularly designed for misses or young ladies. This dainty style is hand made on a wire frame with gathered mull facing in white. The crown is made of all silk pyroxylin braid in balloon effect. While on the upper brim rows of pretty white mull edged with silk Juby ribbon in pink. The trimming consists of a beautiful large rosette effect which is obtained by the use of white mull edged with pink Juby ribbon, liberally mingled with pink morning glories. The making of this hat brings out a very rich trimming effect and we especially recommend this number as one of our best values. Can be ordered in white and pink combination as described; light blue and white, cardinal and white, all white or all cardinal with trimming to match. Price $1.38.

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