1908 Sears Catalog ad: Extra Quality Short Hip Corset

. Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Extra quality short hip corset 88 cents. No. 18K136. This short hip model is designed to improve the average slender figure in as much as it has a tendency to force the hips out rather than confine them as is the case with the dip hip styles. The bust is medium high, allowing the proper freedom of the arms and shoulders average length in the back. Made of fine quality white coutil, boned throughout with guaranteed non-rustable steels and has no heavy side steels. The top of the corset is trimmed with dainty lace, drawn with white satin baby ribbon and set with taffeta ribbon bow. Has listle elastic two-prong hose supporters in front only. Comes in white only. Size 18 to 26. Be sure to mention size. All eyelets are aluminum. Regular $1.25 value. Our price (Postage extra, 16 cents) 88 cents. Designed for slender figures.

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