1908 Sears Catalog ad: Gas Engine Igniters

. Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gas Engine Igniters. Magneto Gas Engine Igniter, designed to ignite gasoline engines and reduce the wear on the batteries. It is constructed with a permanent magnetic field and drum type armature. Its speed is regulated by governor. For make and break engines it is operated by friction drive. For jump spark ignition it is operated with a belt. Will work on any gasoline engine fitted with sparking contacts. It runs the engine in either direction and ordinarily will ignite on one revolution of the fly wheel. Size of the base is 4 by 7 inches; height, about 8 inches; weight, 12 pounds. It can be used without a spark coil, although to obtain the best results is best to use one. We guarantee this igniter thoroughly and can ship it on a 30-day free trial. No. 20K6501 Gas Engine Igniter, for make and break ignition. Operated by friction drive. Price $11.95. No. 20K6502 Gas Engine Igniter for jump spark ignition. Operated with a belt. Price $11.95.

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