1908 Sears Catalog ad: Improved Enamel Frostproof Closet

. Friday, June 21, 2013

Improved enamel frostproof closet, complete, reduced to $9.89. No. 42K105 In our New Frostproof Closet we believe we have one of the best frostproof closets on the market.The heavy brass valve which we furnish is placed below the frost line and is connected to hopper with a heavy coppered chai, fastened to seat. When seat is lowered, the valve opens automatically and flushes the hopper. When seat is raised it closes the valve and opens the drain pipe, which allows all water left in pipes to drain into trap, which leaves pipes at all times free from water. The price we ask for this outfit is complete with cast iron hopper, heavily enameled inside, heavy round wood seat, heavy brass frostproof valve, 5 feet cast iron soil pipe, coast iron P trap, wrought iron supply pipe, chain and lever and combination lead and iron ferrule. This is the best outfit to use in cold or exposed places because water is always below frost line. No closet tank is furnished or needed with this outfit. Weight 110 pounds. Price complete $9.89.

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